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Temburong Marine Viaduct -CC2-CC3-CC4-Temburong

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The Temblon Bridge, the largest infrastructure project in Brunei's history, is a key link between brunei mainland and The Temblon region. With a total length of about 30 km, the bridge includes about 11.6 km of fully prefabricated viaduct traversing unexplored tropical rainforest.  Chen Hongke, the project manager, introduced the so-called assembled bridge, colloqually speaking, is to use the method of "building blocks" to "spell" a bridge.  Compared with traditional bridge construction method, full prefabrication construction is more energy saving and environmental protection.  The connecting pieces on the bridge are provided by our company with stud bolts and stainless steel bolts and nuts, which are strong and durable, have good compressive and anticorrosion performance, and bring great guarantee to the firmness of the Tambulong Bridge. We can provide test reports and 3.1 certificates.  

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