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  • Hardness table


    Tensile Strength Rm(N/mm2)HVHBHRC2508076.0-2708580.7-2859085.2-3059590.2-32010095.0-33510599.8-350110105-370115109-380120114-400125119-415130124-430135128-450140133-465145138-480150143-490155147-510160152-530165156-545170162-560175166-575180171-595185176-610190181-625195185-640200190-660205195-675 Read More

  • Optional material


    NUMBERTYPEOPTIONAL MATERIAL1HEX BOLT GRADE4.81008K 1010 1015K2HEX BOLT GRADE6.81032 1035 1040 CH38F 10393HEX BOLT GRADE8.81035ACR(M<10) 1040ACR(M<12) CH38F 1045ACR 1039 10B21 10B33 10B38 4HEX SOCKET BOLT GRADE8.8CH38F 1039 10B21(M10-M12) 10B33(M14) 10B38(M12-M24) 10B215HEX BOLT GRADE10.91045ACR 10 Read More

  • ASTM A563 2007a Table 4 Tensile Stress Areas


    Tensile Stress AreasNominal Size UNCNominal Size- Threads per inch UNFNominal Size- Threads per inch 8 UNTensile Stress Area,AS in.2Tensile Stress Area,AS in.2Tensile Stress Area,As in.21/4-200.03181/4-280.0364……5/16-180.0524 Read More

  • ASTM A563 2007a Table 2 Chemical Requirements


    Chemical Requirements for Grades C3 and DH3 NutsElementComposition,%Classes for Grade C3 NutsAGrade DH3 Nuts nABCDEFCarbon:Heat Analysis…0.33-0.400.38-0.480.15-0.250.15-0.250.20-0.250.20-0.250.20-0.53Product analysis…0.31-0.420.36-0.500.14-0.260.14-0.260.18-0.270.19-0.260.19-0.55Manganese Read More

  • ASTM A563 2007a Table3 Carbon and Alloy Steel Nuts


    Mechanical RequirementsGrade of Nut Nominal Nut Size,in.Style of NutProof Load Stress,ksiAHardnessNon-Zinc- Coated NutsBZinc-Coated NutsBBrinellRockwellMinMaxMinMaxNuts with UNC,8 UN,6 UN and Coarser Pitch ThreadsO1/4 to 1-1/2square6952103302B55C32A1/4 to 1-1/2square90 Read More

  • ASTM A325 2010 Table2 Chemical Requirements


    Chemical Requirements for Type 3 Heavy Hex Structural BoltsElementComposition,%Type 3 BoltsABCDEFCarbon:Heat analysis0.33-0.400.38-0.480.15-0.250.15-0.250.20-0.250.20-0.25Product analysis0.31-0.420.36-0.500.14-0.260.14-0.260.18-0.270.19-0.26Manganese:Heat analysis0.90-1.200.70-0.900.80-1.350.40-1.20 Read More

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