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  • The difference between electric galvanizing and hot galvanizing


    Hot dip galvanizing, also known as hot dip zinc and hot dip galvanizing, is an effective way of metal anticorrosion, mainly used in various industries of metal structure facilities. It is to immerse the steel parts after rust removal into zinc solution melted at about 500℃, so that the surface of t Read More

  • Electro galvanizing


    Electrogalvanizing, also known as cold galvanizing in the industry, is the process of using electrolysis to form uniform, dense and well-combined metal or alloy deposition layer on the surface of the workpiece. Compared with other metals, zinc is relatively cheap and easy to coat a metal, a low val Read More

  • hot galvanizing


    Hot dip galvanizing is to make molten metal and iron matrix reaction and produce alloy layer, so as to combine the matrix and coating. Hot dip galvanizing is the first steel parts pickling, in order to remove iron oxide on the surface of steel parts, pickling, through ammonium chloride or zinc chlo Read More

  • Nigrescence


    Blackening is a common means of chemical surface treatment, the principle is to produce a layer of oxide film on the metal surface, in order to isolate air, to achieve the purpose of rust prevention. Appearance requirements are not high can be used black processing,. The coating film is generated Read More

  • Surface finish polishing


    Stainless steel during hot working, machining or place after a certain period of time the surface will form a layer of black or gray scale, the main ingredients for Cr2O3, NiO and very refractory FeO, Cr2O3, affect the appearance quality, their presence on the one hand, on the other hand also influe Read More

  • 304stainless steel


    304 stainless steel is one of the most widely used chromium - nickel stainless steel, as a widely used steel, has good corrosion resistance, heat resistance, low temperature strength and mechanical properties; Stamping, bending and other thermal processing, no heat treatment hardening phenomenon (u Read More

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