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  • Hot Galvanizing


    Hot dip galvanizing is to make molten metal and iron matrix reaction and produce alloy layer, so as to combine the matrix and coating. Hot dip galvanizing is the first steel parts pickling, in order to remove iron oxide on the surface of steel parts, pickling, through ammonium chloride or zinc chlo Read More
  • Why Does Stainless Steel Rust?


    First of all, stainless steel screws have strong corrosion resistance, high temperature resistance, and good anti-rust performance. However, they are not completely immune to external environmental erosion, and they will still rust in some harsh environments.1. The surface of stainless steel has dus Read More
  • Grand Closing: SNEC 17th International Solar Photovoltaic And Smart Energy Conference And Exhibition Ended Successfully


    Grand Closing: SNEC 17th International Solar Photovoltaic and Smart Energy Conference and Exhibition ended successfully Read More
  • The Use And Advantage of Spot Welding Nut


    A special type of nut used to weld nuts on thin plates with a spot welder. It is mainly used for sealing plate, panel and other structural parts of welding nut required by electronic panel cabinet of locomotive. Its advantages are high production efficiency, good performance, low energy consumption, Read More
  • Is 304 Stainless Steel Good Quality?


    304 stainless steel is one of the most widely used chromium - nickel stainless steel, as a widely used steel, has good corrosion resistance, heat resistance, low temperature strength and mechanical properties; Stamping, bending and other thermal processing, no heat treatment hardening phenomenon (u Read More
  • Certificate


    3.1 The full name of the certificate shall be "Fastener test Report F3.1", which is derived from ISO16228 "Types of Fastener Test Documents". The standard mainly provides the content required for fastener product test report, that is, the requirements for product test report, rather than the so-call Read More
  • Why Did Your Bolt Suddenly Break?


    Reasons for bolt breakage:1.the quality of the bolts2.the strength of the bolt3.pretightening torque of bolts4.Fatigue strength of boltsUnqualified materials, unqualified heat treatment, unqualified product manufacturing, unreasonable bolt selection, harsh use environment, etc. all have a direct imp Read More
  • How To Choose between Coarse Thread And Fine Thread?


    How to choose between coarse thread and fine thread? To what extent can a thread be called a fine thread? We might as well define it this way. Coarse threads can be defined as standard threads; while fine threads are relatively coarse threads. Under the same nominal diameter, the number of teeth per Read More
  • Stainless steel fasteners are true or false


    The market at present there are a few quick inspection method of stainless steel fasteners, true and false, if stainless steel liquid and the magnet, but after many years, the two methods are not scientific, the reason is that drug testing potion is numerous, stainless steel composition is complic Read More
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