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Grand Closing: SNEC 17th International Solar Photovoltaic And Smart Energy Conference And Exhibition Ended Successfully

Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2024-05-17      Origin: Site

Shanghai - From June 13 to 15, 2024, the annual global photovoltaic industry event - SNEC 17th (2024) International Solar Photovoltaic and Smart Energy (Shanghai) Conference and Exhibition was grandly held at the National Exhibition and Convention Center (Shanghai). Haina brought its latest developed products and solutions to the exhibition, which not only demonstrated the company's technical strength and innovation capabilities, but also had in-depth exchanges with industry experts and companies from all over the world, and successfully achieved a perfect ending.

With the theme of "Green Energy Future", this conference brought together more than 3,100 companies from 95 countries and regions. It is not only a platform for displaying products and technologies, but also an important place for industry exchanges and cooperation. Haina opened two exhibition areas to fully demonstrate the company's brand image and technological strength.

During the three-day exhibition, Haina exhibited a number of high-efficiency photovoltaic products and solar bracket solutions. These products not only reflect Haina's continuous investment and achievements in technological innovation, but also demonstrate the company's determination to promote the development of global green energy.

During the exhibition, Haina's booth was crowded with people, attracting the attention of many professional visitors and industry experts. The company's salesmen and technical representatives had in-depth exchanges with visitors, and introduced the technical advantages and application scenarios of the products in detail, which were widely recognized and praised by visitors.

Haina not only showcased its own technology and products at this exhibition, but more importantly, through exchanges with other outstanding companies in the industry, it deepened its understanding of future market trends and customer needs. The company's senior management said that by participating in such a high-level international exhibition, they can better grasp the industry dynamics, optimize product layout, improve service quality, and provide more high-quality photovoltaic solutions for global customers.

With the successful conclusion of the exhibition, Haina has not only consolidated its existing customer relationships with its excellent product performance and innovation capabilities, but also successfully opened up new cooperation opportunities, laying a solid foundation for the company's sustainable development. Haina will continue to uphold the concept of "green, innovation, cooperation, and win-win", deepen R&D investment, promote the progress of the photovoltaic industry, and contribute to the global green energy transformation.


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