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3.1 The full name of the certificate shall be "Fastener test Report F3.1", which is derived from ISO16228 "Types of Fastener Test Documents". The standard mainly provides the content required for fastener product test report, that is, the requirements for product test report, rather than the so-called certification requirements.  The F3.1 report in the standard is generally provided by the manufacturer when the buyer needs it, after the user has requested it on the order contract and agreed to confirm it.  ISO16228 puts forward the following requirements for 3.1 report:  

1. Test by personnel with corresponding inspection ability;  

2, according to the standard or order to declare conformity (that is, to determine);  

3. The report shall be issued according to the product batch, and the report shall contain the batch information with traceability;  

4. Sampling method is given in the report;  

5. The report issuer shall keep the inspection records for at least 3 years.  

3.1 Certificate is the requirement of quality assurance certificate in product inspection process, not system certification.  At present, the quality guarantee certificate issued by Haina has met the requirements of 3.1 certificate.


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