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DIN261 Stainless Steel SS304 316 T Head Bolt

DIN261 Stainless Steel SS304 316 T Head Bolt

Standard : DIN

Surface finish : plain

Certificate : ISO9001:2008
  • M8 M10 M12 M14 M16 M18 M20 M24
  • HNF
  • HNF20170630
  • T
  • 1000PCS
  • M4-M100
  • Zhejiang, China (Mainland)

DIN261 Stainless Steel SS304 316 T Head Bolt


Name: T bolt
Material : Stainless steel SUS304
Specifications : M8
Description: T-bolt, the European standard is called hammer bolt, the material is galvanized or nickel-plated on carbon steel surface.
Uses: T-bolt can be directly placed in the aluminum profile tank, which can automatically position and lock during installation.

Often used in conjunction with the flange nut, it is the standard matching connector when installing the corner piece, which can be selected according to the profile groove width and different series of profiles.hem.


CLASS 4.6;4.8 5.8 6.8 8.8 9.8 10.9 12.9
COMMON  MATERIALS  1008  ~  1015                           1012  ~1017                 10B21 / 1022   10B21  10B33 10B21 10B33 10B33  /  SCM435/ML20MnTiB SCM435              
ML08AL        SWRCH8A~         SWRCH15A SWRCH15A~ SWRCH18A SWRCH22A 35K                     
35ACR                           10B35
AISI 4140
HEAT TREATMENT(YES/NO) NO                                                               YES



T-bolts have several uses: on solar mounts, on the bottom of fixed machines on paper machines, on wind turbines, and other places where T-bolts are required. Third, the material of the T-bolt is generally divided into stainless steel and carbon steel. Carbon steel is mainly used in papermaking machines. Stainless steel is mainly used in wind power generation and solar power brackets. It is generally customized according to the drawings and standard parts are provided.

DIN261 Stainless Steel SS304 316 T Head Bolt Drawing

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