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SS304 SS316 Cage Nut M6 M8

Surface: polished
Material: stainless steel
MOQ: ≥1000PCS
  • DIN
  • HNF
  • HNT170523

SS304 SS316 Cage Nut M6 M8 

cage nut or caged nut (also called a captive or clip nut) consists of a (usually square) nut in a spring steel cage which wraps around the nut. The cage has two wings that when compressed allow the cage to be inserted into the square holes, for example, in the mounting rails of equipment racks. When the wings are released, they hold the nut in position behind the hole. Cage nuts conforming to this description were patented in 1952 and 1953. 

Cage Nut Material and Chemical Composition:

A10.1216.50.20.15/0.3516-190.75-101.75-2.252 3 4303S31,303S42,1.4305
A20.1120.050.0315-2058-1946 7304,394S17(BS3111),1.4301,1.4567
A40.08120.0450.0316-18.52-310-1547 9316,1.4401,1.4578
A50.08120.0450.0316-18.52-310.5-1418 9316Ti,1.4571,316Cb,1.4580
2 9416,1.4005
11 12430,1.4016,430Ti,1.4520,430Cb,1.4511

Using cage nuts provides several benefits over threaded holes. It permits a range of choice of nut and bolts size (e.g. metric vs imperial) in the field, long after the equipment has been manufactured. Second, if a screw is over-tightened, the nut can be replaced, unlike a pre-threaded hole, where a hole with stripped threads becomes unusable. Third, cage nuts are easy to use on materials too thin or soft to be threaded.

 Construction,automotive,marine,rail transit, compressor,furniture,military,electronics, drilling equipments etc, electronic products, food machinery, petrochemical industry, ship assembly, pump valve, pipe, building curtain wall, open places, etc.

SS304 SS316 Cage Nut M6 M8 



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