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M8 Carbon Steel 4.8 grade Hot Dip Galvanized Security Shear Nut

One Way & Two Way Security Nut
Installed only with special tool
Available in Steel and Stainless Steel
Fast Assembly:
M6, M8, M10, M12

  • M8
  • HNF
  • 7318160000
  • Shear Nnut
  • steel
  • M8
  • hot dip galvanized
  • 35Nm

M8 Carbon Steel 4.8 grade Hot Dip Galvanized Security Shear Nut

The shear nuts is also a kind of nut. It has a bowl and a hex nut, combination. They are designed to be a permanent fixture after installation. The hexagonal part of the nut shears off at a pre-determined torque leaving only a tamperproof non-removeable cone. Available in either bright zinc plated steel (EN1A) or stainless steel (304).Shear nuts are used for security, the hexagonal section shears off when the required torque is applied, leaving behind only the tamper resistant cone section which is virtually impossible to remove.

Stainless steel Shear Nut Mechanical Properties:


Sizes: Nm lb/ft Material
6mm 6-11 5-8 Mild Steel
8mm 13-21 10-15 Stainless Steel
10mm 31-34 23-28 Finishes: Zinc / Dacromeet / J5500 / Galvanised 
12mm 47-55 35-40 Other materials / finishes on request


Shear Nut offer an inexpensive solution to many types of theft.

They are used to prevent the theft of the unanthorised relocation of seating or something.

They are installed by using standard tooling. When the nut or bolt is fully tighened, the hex drive head is designed to sgear off the additional torque is applied, leaving the sear bolt or the threaded conicak lower collar of the shear nut in position on the standard bolt or stud thread, so making the products permanent fixed.



Stainless Steel 304 Security Shear Nut



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