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DIN958 Stainless Steel SS304 / 316 Hex Head Nylon Insert Locked Nut

Head Drive:Hex with Nylon washer insert
Surface:Plain Finish
Grade:SS304 SS316 Carbon steel
Head:Hex Head
Material:Stainless Steel

  • 1/4"-2" M2-M12
  • HNF
  • 7318160000

DIN958 Stainless Steel SS304 / 316 Hex Head Nylon insert Locked Nut


1. Compared with the ordinary metal nut, the biggest advantage of nylon nut is its good insulation performance, non-conductive.

2. In addition, due to the non-metal manufacturing, there will be no eddy current and other signal interference under the influence of current or other electrical signals. Its anti-interference is suitable for communication and other industries.

3. Nylon nut has good acid and alkali resistance, among which the best PVDF nut is followed by polypropylene. Both of them have strong acid and alkali resistance


1. The biggest defect of nylon nut is that the torque and strength of ordinary nylon nut are not as good as that of ordinary metal nut, and the torque is too strong to have the possibility of sliding teeth or head fracture.

2. The size error of nylon nut is allowed to be large due to different shrinkage reasons of plastic molding, changes of temperature and humidity and length of molding cycle.In addition, due to the soft material of ordinary plastic, the conventional ring gauge measurement method cannot be used.


Item DIN958 Stainless Steel SS304 / 316 Hex Head Nylon insert Locked Nut
size M2-M12 1/4"-2"
Material Available 1. Steel:C45(K1045), C46(K1046),C20
2. Stainless Steel: SUS201, SUS303, SUS304, SUS410, SUS420
Surface treatment Zinc plated, NI-platd, passivate, Chrome plated, Electro plating, Black, Plain
Heat treatment Tempering, Hardening, Spheroidizing, Stress Relieving.
Tolerance 6g
Packing carton box + pallet
Lead time Mass production 15-20 days. Reality time is according to customer's requirement
Address Jiaxing

Technical Delivery Conditions (FOR DIN NUT ONLY)
Material Steel Stainless steel Non-ferrous metal
General requirements As specified in DIN 267 part 1
Thread Tolerance 6H
Standard DIN13 Part 12 & 15
<M2.5: 6
M3-M39:6, 8, 10
≤M39 A2-70 Subject to
>M39 Subject to
Standard ISO 267 Part 4 DIN267 Part 11 DIN267 Part 18
Limit deviations
geometrical tolerance
A for product up to size M24 and L≤10d or 150mm
B for product exceeding size M24 or L>10d or 150mm
Standard ISO 4759 Part 1
Acceptance inspection DIN267 Part 5 shall apply with regard to acceptance inspection

Hex Head Lock Nut is a kind of nut, which is mainly used for fastener one thing by the nuts. And it has requirement of the torque, and we will control the torque for customers.

Relying nylon washers to play a role in the locking, which is called nylon lock nuts. Commonly they are referred to in the industry "Nepalese cap". Mainly with threaded screw or bolt connection with the use, after locking nylon ring will be deformed, connecting both ends of the member to fill the gap, and thus play a role in locking.


1. Over 6 years of manufactiring experience
2. Well equiped with complete facilities
3. High quality with competitive price
4. Strict quality control systemSample available

5. Professional Workers
6. OEM workable




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