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Zinc Plated Hex Flange Serrated Bolt- DIN6921

Product description: Hex Flange Bolt as know call Hexagon head with flange machine screw, the standard is DIN6921

  • m6-m36
  • HNF
  • 170702

Zinc Plated Hex Flange Serrated Bolt- DIN6921  

Flange bolts are those type of bolts having a ridge or skirt around the bolt head. This flange bolt is cold formed from round steel wire using a four-blow progression on a high speed cold header. A hex flange bolt is a bolt that has a washer-like flange cast into the hexagonal head of the bolt. Designed to be used without the aid of a flat or locking-style washer, the flange hex bolt is manufactured to properly displace the torque and clamping force of the bolt over a wider area than that of a typical hex head bolt. Used a great deal in the automobile industry, this type of bolt allows assembly line workers to install the fasteners much faster than a comparable bolt and washer.


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