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DIN125 Stainless Steel 304 A2-70 Flat Washer In Stock

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  • HNF
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DIN125 Stainless Steel 304 A2-70 Flat Washer In Stock


Flat washer,which is called plain washer, mainly punched out from iron plates. The common shape of a flat washer is a hole in the central. The pore size specifications according to customer requirements. We can produce as customs request. That is customization. It has many standard: DIN125 DIN9021 F436, ect.



Carbon Steel Flange Nut Mechanical Properties and Material Chemical Composition:

COMMON  MATERIALS 1008 ~  1015                          10B21                ~               35ACR1008  ~ 1015                          101510B21      ~  35ACR10B21                 ~            35ACR10B21      ~  35ACR10B21                     ~              35ACR10B21    ~  35ACR10B21                   ~        35ACR
ML08AL        SWRCH8A~         SWRCH15A




Washers are usually metal and plastic and rubber. High-quality bolted joint require hardened steel washers to prevent the loss of pre-load due to Brinelling after the torque is applied.

We provide Carbon steel flat washer, plain washer, high strength washer, stainless steel flat washer, stainless steel plain washer, flat washer DIN 125 &126 & 127, round washer & Square washer, support customer's special requirements.






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