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Zinc Plated Round Head Square Neck Carriage Bolts DIN603

Product description: Manufacturers & Factory to supply DIN603 metric DIN Carriage bolts and Mushroom head,Round head square neck bolt

  • m6-m36
  • HNF
  • 170702

Zinc Plated Round Head Square Neck Carriage Bolts DIN603

The Carriage bolt, also called mushroom head square neck bolt or round head square neck bolts, the commonly used standrads are DIN603,Infly Fasteners Inc is a manufacturers factory of DIN603 metric Carriage Bolt, to supply to Mushroom head square neck bolt and Round head square neck bolt, we are according to DIN603 and EN ISO 898.
About Carriage bolt DIN603, we can do:

Size: diameter:M5-M16, Length: 20-200mm
Material: Carbon steel class 4.8-8.8, Q195, 1008, 1035, 10B21
Surface: Self, colour, White zinc, Blue zinc, Yellow Zinc, Black, Hot dip galvanizing
Packing: bulk about 20KG-25KG carton and then on pallet.


As one of the common parts of Carriage bolts and conventional most common fasteners, also called half round head square neck bolt head square neck bolt, mushroom head or four step bolt, in English called Carriage bolts, or Mushroon head square neck bolts, from below the head (neck) has a four stage named as the main carriage screws. Its characteristics and functions is because the square neck fit in the square or round holes, so that the bolt will not move casually with nut to be fasteners can more closely united more force.


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