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M18 stainless steel ss316 round head hexagon decorative cap nut

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Material:stainless steel

  • ISO14001:2005
  • HNF
  • 7318160000

M18 stainless steel ss316 round head hexagon decorative cap nut


Product Description

Cover nut as its name suggests is to point to the hexagon nut with cover, and cover its role is to tighten the outer part of the cover, to prevent moisture or some other corrosive substances into the inside to play the role of rust, and effectively improve its own and the service time of the connector.The cover nuts of the fastening system are mainly DIN1587, IFI standard, GB/T923 brand parts standard.

Cover nut material:

Cover nut material: our products are mainly made of carbon steel (including low carbon steel, medium carbon steel, high carbon steel, spring steel) stainless steel (SUS303, SUS304, SUS316) alloy steel, nylon and so on.

Surface treatment of cap nut:

When we were in the use of cap nut, normally cover the surface of the nut need to be processed, including the galvanized, nickel plating, chrome plating and dacro some surface treatment technology, make its more rust and effectively improve the service life of fasteners, chromium plating in this several surface treatment technology is one of the best craft, chrome plated out products not only smooth surface bright and rust corrosion time longer, the effect can rival with stainless steel.

Type selection: the fastening system can provide the recommendation of different cap nuts according to the customer's performance requirements, material requirements, surface treatment and other requirements.

Above is the summary of the cap nut content super full analysis, I hope this article can provide help for you, if you have to buy or customize you can directly choose the prosthesis fastening system, prosthesis provides a full set of standard parts and custom parts.

                    Marking                     Standard                     Chemistry                     Proof Load                     Hardness
                    304                     None                     None                     None                     None
                    8                     ASTM A194                     Type 304 stainless steel                     Heavy Hex, 80 ksi Hex, 75 ksi                     HRB 60 - 105
                    8A                     ASTM A194                     Type 304 stainless steel                     Heavy Hex, 80 ksi Hex, 75 ksi                     HRB 60 - 90
                    F594C                     ASTM F594                     Type 304 stainless steel                     100 ksi                     HRB 95 - HRC 32
                    F594D                     ASTM F594                     Type 304 stainless steel                     85 ksi                     HRB 80 - HRC 32

Cover nut has a wide range of applications, mainly used in the construction industry and some industrial production parts.





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