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High Tensile Stainless Steel Ss304 /316 Decorative Hex Cap Nuts

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Material:stainless steel

  • ISO14001:2005
  • HNF
  • 7318160000

High Tensile Stainless Steel Ss304 /316 Decorative Hex Cap Nuts


The cap nut, including the nut body and the cap attached to the nut body, is suitable for the place where the screw thread end needs to be covered. It is often used on the equipment where the screw thread end needs to be covered with special medium.

Connected the cap nut generally includes setting the six-party nut and cap, six-party nut hollow internal threads of the mesh system has used for installation on the wall, when used, generally through the six-party nut thread and the bolt mesh installed together, cap to protect the bolts out side of the cap nut in general equipment can basically meet the demand, but in some larger equipment vibration amplitude, vibration due to the huge impetus role, hexagonal nut is easy to become loose, often the six-party nut from a bolt end off and even the phenomenon of damage, the staff also need to repeatedly to install cap nut,It improves labor intensity and brings great inconvenience to use, especially for some equipment that needs to install cover nut for a long time. This phenomenon also increases the use cost and wastes resources.

                    Marking                     Standard                     Chemistry                     Proof Load                     Hardness
                    304                     None                     None                     None                     None
                    8                     ASTM A194                     Type 304 stainless steel                     Heavy Hex, 80 ksi Hex, 75 ksi                     HRB 60 - 105
                    8A                     ASTM A194                     Type 304 stainless steel                     Heavy Hex, 80 ksi Hex, 75 ksi                     HRB 60 - 90
                    F594C                     ASTM F594                     Type 304 stainless steel                     100 ksi                     HRB 95 - HRC 32
                    F594D                     ASTM F594                     Type 304 stainless steel                     85 ksi                     HRB 80 - HRC 32

Cover nut has a wide range of applications, mainly used in the construction industry and some industrial production parts.





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