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  • 3.1certificate

    3.1 The full name of the certificate shall be "Fastener test Report F3.1", which is derived from ISO16228 "Types of Fastener Test Documents". The standard mainly provides the content required for fastener product test report, that is, the requirements for product test report, rather than the so-call

  • Stainless steel fasteners are true or false

    The market at present there are a few quick inspection method of stainless steel fasteners, true and false, if stainless steel liquid and the magnet, but after many years, the two methods are not scientific, the reason is that drug testing potion is numerous, stainless steel composition is complic

  • Stainless steel spring gasket swelling problem

    In the assembly process of spring washer, the spring washer directly enlarges and expands outward, which is called rising ring. This phenomenon has a long history, the cause of which was reported half a century ago, but so far there are different opinions, there is no clear conclusion. According

  • Stainless steel fasteners for high and low temperature applications

    Adaptability in high temperature environment: according to GB/T3098.6-2014 standard, stainless steel 304 and 316 products within 100℃ does not affect the tensile strength, but more than 100℃ after every 100℃ temperature rise, tensile strength reduced by 5%, in more than 400℃ is not recommended to us

  • Stainless steel rust problem

    The principle of stainless steel rust is to add chromium, forming chromium oxide protective film on the surface of the steel, in order to effectively block the contact between the steel and the air, so that the oxygen in the air can not enter the steel to produce chemical reaction, to achieve the

  • Stainless steel to prevent locking

    The length of the bolt should be chosen appropriately, 1-2 tooth distances shall prevail after tightening the exposed nut. The tensile strength of bolts and the safety of nuts meet the design requirements. Clean the thread before use. If the thread is damaged, at least the nut can pass smoothly.

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