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A2-70 Wholesale metric Stainless steel heavy hexagon Nylon Cap Nuts

Finish:Drawing Request
Material:stainless steel
Standard:DIN1585 ,DIN917
Delivery time;15-25days

  • ISO14001:2005
  • HNF
  • 7318160000

M18 stainless steel ss316 round head hexagon decorative cap nut


Product Description

In fact, the cover nut as the name implies, is a nut with a cover, the cover of the purpose is to prevent moisture into it, so as to prevent the rust of the nut.You usually have the opportunity to look at cars, tricycles, electric vehicles and other vehicles tires, or the lamp stand, which is mostly covered with nuts

The cover nut is used for the following purposes:

(1) cover nut and stainless steel hexagonal slotted nut with a cotter pin, and screw bolt with holes, used to withstand vibration, alternating load, can prevent nut loose out.

(2) cover nut with insert, insert by tightening the nut to tap out the internal thread, can prevent loosening, and has good elasticity.

(3) the use of cap nut and hexagon nuts, the characteristics of the wrench card nut is not easy to slip, but can only use a wrench, open wrench, dual-purpose wrench (open part), or special square hole socket wrench for installation and disassembly.Often used on rough, simple components.

                    Marking                     Standard                     Chemistry                     Proof Load                     Hardness
                    304                     None                     None                     None                     None
                    8                     ASTM A194                     Type 304 stainless steel                     Heavy Hex, 80 ksi Hex, 75 ksi                     HRB 60 - 105
                    8A                     ASTM A194                     Type 304 stainless steel                     Heavy Hex, 80 ksi Hex, 75 ksi                     HRB 60 - 90
                    F594C                     ASTM F594                     Type 304 stainless steel                     100 ksi                     HRB 95 - HRC 32
                    F594D                     ASTM F594                     Type 304 stainless steel                     85 ksi                     HRB 80 - HRC 32

Cover nut has a wide range of applications, mainly used in the construction industry and some industrial production parts.





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